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GTA:Online Game
New Client: 0.3e (10th May, 2012) | Twitter | Facebook | Servers: EU + WORLD
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Download GTA:T

0. Install GTA San Andreas
Insert your GTA San Andreas Disk and install GTA San Andreas. If you haven't bought the Game from Rockstar Games yet, buy it at amazon [US]/[UK]/[CA] (purchasing from Steam does not work!).

1. Download version 0.3e of the client
Visit dracoblue.net and get your latest version of the client software sa-mp and Download version 0.3e.
Now install into your GTA:San Andreas folder, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas".

Vista-Users: Run the installer with administrator rights.
(Rightclick -> Run as administrator)

2. Register for a free account.
Keep in mind, that you can add your gangtag after registration with the gang features of GTAT:Tournament, so don't add it here! You will receive an Email with activation link!

3. Run "samp" (Video/Screencast)
After you registered, you are nearly ready to play! Open the client 'samp' (the link is on your desktop).

4. Add to favourites (Video/Screencast)
Now add to your favourites or choose a server at server.gtat.org

5. Add your nickname (Video/Screencast)
Now replace the nickname in upper right corner with your www.gtat.org-Nickname.

6. Join the server via Connect.
After the game has started you will receive a message like "Welcome to GTA:Tournament, please login with '/login password'". Open the chat with the t-Key and type /login and the password you have used at gtat.org.

Hint: E.g. if our password is 123hdas we would have to type: /login 123hdas

7. Have fun playing!

Need help?

Our GameMaster will be happy to help you. Meet us at our Chat or at the GTA:T support forums.
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